Senior Living in Vernon

1Vernon Senior Homes

Vernon, British Columbia is a desirable place to live and retire. The senior community in Vernon is very strong and vibrant. Everywhere in the Okanagan makes for good senior living due to the warmer temperatures and pace of life, but Vernon in particular is known for its world class retirement homes and senior care facilities. If you are looking for a place to help your elderly parents happily settle into their golden years, consider Vernon, British Columbia.

2Quality Senior Homes in Vernon

There are a number of senior living facilities and retirement homes to choose from in Vernon, British Columbia because of its desirable quality of life. Knowing which one is right for you is a process of discovery. When you are selecting a senior living home, be sure to ask questions about the certification of the community, what the staff's qualifications are and what the accommodations the facility has.

3Senior Health in Vernon

The Okanagan is a popular retirement area for seniors, and in cities like Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton, awareness of good senior health practices is very strong. Not only are there a number of medical practices that specialize in senior healthcare, but there are also many facilities and recreation areas available to seniors as well, such as gyms, public pools, recreation halls, walking paths and spas.


“Vernon is an excellent place to retire. Not only is the scenery beautiful and the pace of life relaxing, but there are excellent care facilities and homes for seniors.”

-M.S. Evans, Vernon Resident

“I was very concerned to put my mother in a home, but thanks to the excellent senior living communities in Vernon, I feel secure that she is being treated well.”

--P. Gonzalez, Vernon Resident

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